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Monday, July 24, 2006

Letters to the Pilot

True Love

To the Editor:

I have finally figured out where to find it! It's not at the singles bar; not on 'my mate.com.' Not necessarily at Church, or found within the girl/boy next door storied romance.

Truth be told, very seldom do any of these relationships produce absolute, complete, and unconditional, True Love.

When I was younger I always thought that people who were so doting on their pets were freaks. I then married a man who really wanted a dog. He has always professed that big dogs were the only way to go!

We adopted Roxie (Lab/Shepherd mix). She was a wonderful girl. Soon after that we took on a couple of cats, Bunny Cat and Kitty. Bunny came to us with feline leukemia and we eventually had to have her put to sleep. The somber, yet fateful day that we were at the vet having Bunny put down, the Dr. said, "Do you want to look at the dogs we have for adoption?" (I was in tears because of losing Bunny) We went back to look at the dogs. there sat this adorable, black, and small, yet stout Scottish terrier. His demeanor was sweet. he reminded me of a living, breathing stuffed animal. Dr. said they had kept him longer because he seemed to have been lost by his owner and he was just too nice to put to sleep. (Nobody ever looked for him.)

My husband and I said in a heartbeat that we wanted him. I put him in the car with me. He sat next to my hip all the way home, as if he'd known me forever. I named him angus. We were soul mates. I now was an 'animal loving freak'. This was 1999.

Fast Forward...2005. Roxie died last year due to seizures brought on by over the counter flea medication. (Please! get your medications from the vet.)

My heart was broken. We adopted another big dog soon after. Reagan is a rambunctious yellow lab. When we adopted 'Angus' we only guessed at his age. Sat. June 10, 2006, he died. We had him for seven years. (He may have been 11 - 13 years old). Now I'm devastated. And yet having Angus, or any of my pets, is all worth the heartache at the end because they add so much to our lives. My husband has now decided that the greatest dog he has ever had was small. Angus brought us joy every day. He was my true love. He always gave absolute, complete, and unconditional love to us and all that knew him. Than you to Dr. Stepan at Lake Animal Hospital in Storm Lake for providing this adoption process in our community. I encourage anyone looking for their true love and companion to please adopt a dog or cat soon.

Submitted in honor of my true love and treasure, Angus.

- Wendy Moize, Storm Lake