BV Supervisors talk zoning, roads and security

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Buena Vista County Board of Supervisors this week held two public hearings on rezoning requests.

Zach Binder requested to have an area of land changed from agricultural to commercial to open a livestock trailer wash.

The zoning commission recommended that the request be approved. The board agreed to start the process of changing the ordinance to upgrade the maps, for final approval from the board. Binder is still waiting for approval from the Department of Natural Resources about DNR requirements for such a business.

Steve Brashears requested to have rezoning changed from residential to commercial property to build a condo storage unit. The unit would be a part of the condo association and required to follow the guidelines of the association. Brashears will have to go through the the same process as Binder, set for July 18.

The county board also approved the Development Agreement with US Bio-Albert City. The agreement indicates that the plant plans to fulfill employment requirements of the state and the county in order to qualify for incentives.

County Engineer Jon Ites needed the board's decision about changing the lease or allowing it to stay the same on Whitney Pit. The Board approved to let the current lease arrangement stand.

The board rejected a motion that would upgrade the service for section of road in the south part of Section 11 in Washington Township. An owner requested half a mile be upgraded from class "B" to class "A". The owner would be required to pay for a portion of cost needed to update the road to be classified class "A". Discussion followed about the possibility of upgrading care on only a half-mile as opposed to a full mile.

"We are setting a precedent here with possible upgrading of the whole mile," Supervisor Jim Gustafson said. He favored action for the whole mile to simplify the situation.

That motion failed, but the board indicated it will look into other possibilities of upgrading.

The board held a public hearing on potentially changing the classification of some road areas in Barnes Township from class "B" to class "C".No action was taken pending information from the county engineer.

In other business, Chairman Bill Lanphere made the motion to pass the Security Information Policy for the county. The policy will allow certain information for local governments to be held confidential by order of the board if ever needed to protect from a potential threat of terrorism. Approval is set for July 18.

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