School board discusses concession stand and bathhouse

Thursday, April 12, 2001

Concession stand and bathhouse updating continue to be a concern for the school board, city council and booster club members.

Members of each group were present to discuss plans during Monday night's school board meeting.

The booster club has already drawn up plans and raised $12,000 in hopes of having a new concession stand at the football field this fall. The city council would like to update the bathhouse at the city pool and wonder whether the structure could be incorporated into one building.

"I guess we just want to do it right," council member Dan Huseman told the group. "I know a lot of this will be our part, but if we're going to do something up there, it would be nice to build something we all could use."

Those present have decided to form a committee to work on the project. They believe if they sit down together and come up with a plan they will be able to move forward at a faster pace.

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