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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Letters to the Pilot

Who is the minority now?

To The Editor,

I read an article written by D'Vera Cohn and Tara Bahrampour Washington Post Staff writers, May 10. It states that nearly half of the nation's children under 5 are racial or ethnic minorities, and the percentage is increasing mainly because the Hispanic population is growing so rapidly, according to a census report released. The percentages in Storm Lake would suggest that the Caucasian population is NOW the minority or will be in the near future.

The article also states, Hispanics are the nation's largest and fastest-growing minority group and they account for 49 percent of the country's growth from 2004 to 2005... The numbers offer a preview of demographic shifts to come, with broad implications for the nation's schools, workforce and Social Security. One in three Americans is now a member of a minority group, a share that is bound to rise, because the non-Hispanic white population is older and growing much more slowly. The country already is engaged in a national debate about how government should respond to growing immigration, legal and illegal.

William H. Frey, a demographer with the Brookings Institution, predicts there could be increased competition for money and power. He also states, "The older, predominantly white baby-boom generations will need to accommodate younger, multiethnic young, adults and child populations in civic life, political decisions and sharing of government resources".

This scares the heck out of me as I fall into that White-Baby-Boomer group and I am worried about my own retirement concerns, let alone trying to accommodate to others. Does it make me a racist to speak out about what affects my family? I think not. I am tired of trying to be politically correct, when no other groups are held accountable to the same standards.

In some communities, government officials face a cultural generation gap as they weigh demands from older white residents for senior citizen centers, transportation and other services. This is already happening to us in Buena Vista County. Our resources are being stretched every day to find the translators who can assist in every level of daily living. I have been told that a position at one of our Elementary Schools was open and qualified teachers had applied for the position, to be turned down because it was stated they were NOT bilingual.

Experts say immigrant families are becoming more concerned with the quality of their children's early education, aware that it can affect their future academic success. I express the same concerns for my children who are competing for the attention of their educators who have to adjust their curriculum to fit the needs of all the students, English and Spanish speaking in a school were bilingual signs displayed English and Spanish and Vietnamese. If not being bilingual is a problem now securing a job, what is it going to be like when my children have graduated and are competing with those who are bilingual. Will it be stated that the Hispanics are doing jobs that no one else wants to do, or is it that they take the jobs because qualified persons won't be hired because they haven't kept up with the job descriptions, " Must Be Bilingual?"

You don't see candidates getting elected on a "pro-porn" platform. People watch dirty movies at home but don't get up at rallies and talk about it.

Porn watchers vote with their pocketbooks. The people pushing porn are going to use every means possible to find an audience, just like any product vendor selling any product.

If cell phone technology makes it easier for them to market, they are going to do it.

We want protections for children while not violating the civil liberties of adults. It is a tricky line to walk.

Leaving safeguards to open market means 8 year olds will be watching Deep Throat and Behind the Green Door on their cell phones. Letting the government and phone companies do the regulating will mean further invasions of privacy like the NSA scandal.

One idea might be to do what has worked well in music licensing. Make people pay a small fee every time they access a pornography site.

Every teenager has a cell phone, but not every one has a credit card. Well, a couple of them don't anyway.

I hope people realize that once they appear in a dirty picture or movie, it is out there forever.

I saw where a school teacher in Paducah, Kentucky was suspended for being in one adult movie 10 years ago.

With people making adult movies at home and broadcasting on webcams, I wonder how people will be haunted years later by stuff from their past.

I would feel weird if a childhood friend showed up in a porn movie.

Especially If can watch them on my telephone.

* The guest columnist can be reached at don@donmcnay.com