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Kindergarten students earn awards for writings

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Kevin Thayer and Alondra Mueggenberg, kindergarten students at South School, participated in the Quint-County writing contest. Alondra's writing won first place in the state. She read her poem at the state reading conference recently and both students had the opportunity to read their pieces Monday at the Quint-County Author's Banquet.


By Alondra Mueggenberg, daughter of Merle and Zola Mueggenberg

I go to school each day.

At recess I like to play.

I like to eat soup and cheese.

You should say "thank" and "please."

We read books in our reading box.

We are too busy to see the clock.

Our day is busy. We have fun.

In PE I like to run.

We have PWIM. We shake out words, too.

We count syllables and make sentences to glue.

In math we count numbers. I can count far.

I come to school in a blue car.

I like handwriting and snack.

I kind of like the color black.

We have centers everyday.

You clean up when you hear the piano play.

We do lots of things at school.

I think kindergarten is really cool!

My Story

By Kevin Thayer, son of Sue Thayer

If I were any animal in the whole world, I would be a lion. Lions are king of the jungle. I would like to be a king because they send warriors out to conquer the dragons.

Lions have sharp teeth and it's hard to eat foods like carrots and apples which I like.

Lions roar very loud. If I was a lion I could be loud all the time and I would never get into trouble with my teachers or my mom.

Lions take a nap all afternoon. We only have rest time for about 20 minutes. That's not enough time for my brain to rest.

Lions play all day with other animal friends like zebras, alligators and elephants. I think it would be fun to play all day with my friends Skyves, Ulises and Tony.

Lions eat meat. I think that would be OK but I would miss not getting french fries from Burger King.

Lions scratch with their claws. I don't have any enemies right now but if I did, I would scratch them and not have to go to time out which I have to do when I do naughty things like scratch or spit on someone.

I think lions are cool. They get to be king, have sharp teeth, roar very load, nap all afternoon, play with other animals, eat meat and scratch with their claws. But if I had to choose between being a lion or me, I'd choose me because I can eat anything I want and that's no "lion."

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