Readers Respond

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Letters to the Pilot

Bleeding Iowa

To The Editor,

Illegals are draining Iowa's economy. Millions of dollars leave Iowa every week and will never again be spent in Iowa.

We have laws in place on the law breakers. Why not enforce them instead of let them have a free ride?

Government made the laws, enforce them or get out and vote in someone else. We do not need them to sell this country out.

One out of every four immigrants make it into our jails. Let's empty them by putting them in the service. No pay, serve our country for as long as the crime dictates, overseas right away.

Good job Steve King, he is our man.

- Rollin Joens, Alta

Thanks for Prom

To The Editor,

On behalf of all the students who attended the Storm Lake High School Prom and After-Prom, we would like to thank all of the area businesses and restaurants that contributed to the evening. The night was a success thanks to your generosity. Your donations made it possible for the students to enjoy many great games, terrific prizes, and excellent food.

We would also like to thank all the parents who spent their time preparing and helping throughout the night. Everyone had a great time and we are very thankful that the community supports this event. It was a night that we all enjoyed and is one of the highlights of our school year.

Once again, thank you for your generosity and support. It is greatly appreciated!

- Derrick Randall, Senior Class president and Ali Kofmehl, Junior Class President