Pilot Editorial

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hung up on Awaysis numbers

Do not be too harsh on bcdm and its leader David Ciaccio.

True, the firm swung at a hanging curve and missed by a country mile with its cost estimate.

It happens. Some costs have gone up, fuel has gone up, the lodge is now planned at 101 rooms instead of the 80 from the time of the estimate. It's a hurdle, and we'll see more of them.

The firm owed and gave Storm Lake an apology and promised to work hard to shave dollars where they can. They haven't collected their paycheck and shrugged us off. They came to the council meeting to face the music in person. Gotta respect that.

As we are skewering them, however, recall that it was this dimimutive imagineer Ciaccio who first spent all that time in Storm Lake to hear from all those people, and drew the first concept of Awaysis which is still very much the heart of the plan, and who shared it with such infectious enthusiasm that it caught on. Without him, we might still be at square one today.

Years from now, the exact pricetag will be forgotten, and we will only know that Storm Lake tackled a big dream for its future.

Sure, it's disappointing that out budgetary guesstimation proved too low, and that we didn't have more bidders. We can whine about it, or we can get to work to make the most of the project.

And perhaps we should remember who helped to get us here.