BVU alums tell students what to expect from life

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

"Just wait until you get out in the real world, then you'll see." College students hear this all too often.

Unfortunately, the statement is not often followed by constructive advice about coping in the "real world." That's why Buena Vista University students were thrilled to hear about "Life After Graduation" from BVU alumni on March 30.

BVU juniors and seniors heard from more than 30 alumni presenters and moderators at the "Life After Graduation" seminar. The alumni discussed all the things they wish they'd known before they graduated - tips about buying insurance, using credit, investing, budgeting and much more.

"We received an overwhelmingly positive response from alumni when we extended invitations to them to return to campus to be part of this event," said Amy Jones, director of annual fund and alumni relations at BVU.

"The alumni truly saw the value in offering a program like "Life After Graduation." They expressed how they wish they'd had the same opportunity before they graduated from BVU and they were enthusiastic about sharing their expertise and experiences with current students," noted Jones.

Read the rest of this article in the 4/10/01 Pilot Tribune.

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