Loans available to St. Mary's grads

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A zero percent one-time $2,500 loan is available to a St. Mary's graduating senior for college expenses. This is the seventh year that the Pigott-Bair Loan Program has offered this unique opportunity for St. Mary's students.

The Pigott-Bair Loan Program was established in 2000 through a gift by St. Mary's alumni Corky Pigott and Mary Bair Pigott. St. Mary's High School graduates can apply for the gift, which is a one-time zero percent interest loan. The loan will not have to be paid back until the end of the recipient's education, and all repayments will go back into the Pigott-Bair Loan program account to help future graduates. Payments will be arranged with the St. Mary's Development Office.

The program is named for the Pigott's parents, Bob and Margaret Pigott, both deceased, and Russ and Florence Bair, also deceased.

"Our parents were such advocates of Catholic education and education in general," Mary explained. "They were still supportive of St. Mary's even after we were out of school. We felt we needed to keep the tradition (of supporting St. Mary's) going."

Both Mary and Corky said they are grateful for the sound education they received at Storm Lake's Catholic school, especially in light of recent contacts with young people not prepared for the workforce.

"We received such a wonderful basic education at St. Mary's," Mary said. "We see young people now who can't spell or add in their heads. If they don't receive the basics in second and third grade, it's difficult to catch up."

Applications for the loan program are available at St. Mary's guidance office in St. Mary's School or on-line at The deadline for completed applications is noon Friday, May 12. For more information, contact Dawn Prosser at St. Mary's parish offices at (712)732-3110 Ext. 15.

Past award recipients include: 2000 - Tony Murray; 2001 - Jill Kestel; 2002 - Kasey Vogel; 2003 - Teri Kenyon; 2004 - Marisha Imming; 2005 -Bridget Cullen.

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