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Olympics come to Sioux Central

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Balloon popping party. Floaties. Marshmallow toss. Cracker relay. M&M Munchies. Do these sound like games for Olympians to take part in?

Well, as odd as the names may sound, they are! And the Olympians were all the Sioux Central students kindergarten through sixth grade.

The Olympic game committee was comprised of the 42 students participating in the "multi-age classroom" - aka, the charter school.

The goal of the Olympics event was for the charter school students to develop games and rules and to share their ideas with the other school. The students also did the timing, determined who the winners of the events were and were in charge of awards ceremonies.

It was a great learning experience for the multi-age classroom - and a great deal of fun for everyone involved.

There were 12 games for the students to participate in.

There was an obstacle course which called for the participants to toss marshmallows into three rings, throw rings over cones, jump on a scooter and slide across the floor where they next rolled a volleyball across the floor and completed the event by throwing pieces of paper into rings. The time for each student was written down.

The balloon popping party allowed students 15 to 30 seconds to pop as many blown-up balloons as they could in that time.

The multi-age classroom's version of curling involved rolling on a scooter and throwing balls into a box with point values. The rules for this game were posted:

* Shot disqualified if you go past your grade line.

* Three shots - no arguing.

* Don't make fun of people.

* Do not argue for a spot in line - you will get to go.

The floaties event involves science - and cleanliness; see how quickly a styrofoam ball which has been soaked in dishsoap can move along in a pan of water. (The students had learned in class that the addition of the soap makes the object move faster.)

The cracker relay was one all the students wanted to do as it involved eating! Two contestants were given 15 seconds to chew a cracker and then they participated in a game of ping pong - moving the ball across the center line on the table by blowing it. Not as easy as it sounds after eating a cracker!

The marshmallow toss also involved eating - if the contestants were lucky enough to catch the marshmallows in their mouth, thrown to them by their partner several feet away!

The games may never make it to the real Olympics - but wouldn't that be fun if they did - but at Sioux Central, they were the perfect games.

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