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Monday, March 27, 2006

Letters to the Pilot

Doing the Pub Crawl

To the editor:

First, let me state that I did not ever claim to have invented the "safe ride concept" and I have known for some time that the college runs such a safer alternative to (adult college kids) bar-hopping, drinking, and using their own cars for transit.

Now, on the other hand, Friday Night KAYL or the "Moose" invented something - they took St. Patty's day and made it into a SPONSORED COMMERCIAL safe ride program (the pub crawl). KAYL found some fine establishments that got together and use the Rides Transit Buses for regular service between pubs - 6 to 2 a.m. or so (I left by 1). I was amazed to see how well this had been set up with a route and all for the night. I volunteered early on to be the guy to stay on the bus (that was where the real action is anyway) and go in the pub and announce that the "Bus is Here" and by 10 or so, when the second shift started with a bigger bus, things started to speed up nicely. We packed the bus a bunch of times and I even got some pictures to prove it.

Yeah, I was the guy with the Aussie green hat always wandering in to the new crowds of revelers at each stop (except when conversation kept me from getting back on the bus until next round). KUDOS to whomever at KAYL or that "Moose" that thought this one up and keep up the good work. This kind of enlightened outta the box thinking is what will put our county on the map for public-private cooperation in other worthy endeavors. Now let's get cooking to make this a more regular feature of Storm Lake's new nightlife. More dazzle in the bars and less blue light specials out on the roads and highways (OWI charges from people drinking and driving). Buzz [Paterson] made a couple of comments about that on the bus himself (Sorry, Buzz, I had to run outta film by the time I saw YOU on the bus).

KAYL and Bullwinkle did a good thing by sponsoring this "Pub Crawl" (You know they had to have a catchy name and all and that is just fine). But it's really just a safe-ride awaiting and some really good times had by all.Thanks again to all the station staff that put their efforts into pulling this one off and to the fine bars that commercially sponsored the ride (Storm Lake Bowl, Smokey's, Embers, Boat House, Martini's, Brewsters, Amvets, and Puff's). Please, people, stop into one of these establishments and express your thanks to them for making the roads and highways just a little more safe to drive on Friday Night!

- Paul Peterson, Storm Lake