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Monday, March 6, 2006

Letters to the Pilot

Dirty pool on Patton case timing

To the Editor:

Fats, it's dirt pool what they are doing to those 30 or cases involving the Patton party matter -setting a trial during spring break when a lot of kids are going to Disney World for a band trip. He says the DA (actually the county prosecutor-on TV it would be the "District Attorney") is just trying to get one of those kids to be a snitch - "to cop a plea" so they won't miss perhaps the most important trip of their young lives, in exchange for testimony against the udder guys.

But, of course, if Fats were really correct in analysis of the situation - that kid that "snitches" against the udder guys would still miss the band trip after all- the tactic will just solidify opposition to the DA in the first place- and ruin the trip even for kids that want to help prove up the cases for the DA. Now, I know that trip is really important to those kids -that is probably why they tried out for the horn section in the first place (whatever horn that might be).

And these kids will remember that trip for the rest other lives. All these kids will remember the Patton Party forever as well. The mere fact, you see, that they went to the Patton house to see off a friend to the military in the first place has just placed them straight up in front of the cross-hairs of justice and caused their parent to spend some money for college on a lawyer to get them out of having a criminal record- right when they are taking college exams and thinking about whether they want to be lawyers or cops or whatever when they finally grow up. And even if they didn't even sample a little beer that night, or even mean to be at a house where alcohol was bring served-or even know whether some kid was stupid enough to bring some into the party for that guy going off to shoot guns in a war in Iraq, they still have to pay for the fact that they were there at all. Now of courses, speaking of guns, we know that just a beer at lunch can cause somebody to misfire and to and shoot a comrade, or it seems that Cheney kind of way down in Texas - but he was old enough to know better so he don't count, right?

Right now, of course, it appears that the DA is scrambling to find a witness...

Now, the most important thing here should be the "Officer Friendly" police of Storm Lake Police Department, about local citizens and their "minor" traffic violations, I'm thinking, just like Fats, that if the Storm Lake City Fathers really wanted to become user friendly, they would use their power over the city attorney to maybe be more friendly and reschedule the trials for some more convenient time-slot and who knows, maybe they might just flush out a snitch that is so to go off to Disney World that they come forward to help their friend officer friendly after all.

Geeze, this is sounding all the more like poker than pool, right Fats?

- Paul Peterson, Storm Lake

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