Seed corn for habitat plots is available in new BV project

Tuesday, April 3, 2001

The Buena Vista County Pheasants Forever Chapter is providing seed corn for people who will be planting food for wildlife this spring.

The seed will be provided free of charge. Food plots planted this spring can range up to four acres in size and will be left unharvested until March of 2002. When corn is planted in food plots it is possible to leave the planting for two years.

The local chapter would be interested in working with people who are interested in trying a mixed grain food plot planting. If you would be interested in trying this type of planting, please inform one of the members listed below.

Food plots can be beneficial to many types of wildlife. They serve as supplemental or emergency food supplies during extreme cold or snow during the winter months. During this winter, food plots were heavily used by wildlife. If you would like an informational handout on food plots, contact your local Natural Resource Conservation Service Office.

If you would like to request food plot seed corn, please contact the Buena Vista County Soil and Water Conservation District office or one of the following chapter members: Dave Anderson, 732-6120, Jeff Kestel, 732-4438 or Gordy Miller, 732-3096. Seed corn will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis while supplies last.

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