Fate of lake dredging plan now up to the Corps of Engineers

Tuesday, April 3, 2001

Storm Lake's dredging plan for 2001 continues to hinge on archaeological concerns, officials of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources report.

The DNR has just sent a request to the Corps of Engineers asking for formal approval to proceed with the work despite new concerns by the state Office of Historical Preservation, which suggested that dredging could destroy any historical finds that may exist in the bottom of the lake.

The Corps of Engineers has indicated that it will take a 30-day review period to determine whether a 404 permit will be granted, which would allow the DNR to go ahead with work on Storm Lake.

"Along with the application, we sent information on bottom samples from the lake and reports explaining how dredging projects at Storm Lake in the past have probably disturbed anything that might be found in the lake bottom. We hope that will be enough to convince them to approve the permit, " said DNR senior planner Al Farris.

For the time being, the DNR is not negotiating with the historical preservation officials directly. "We will wait for the Corps of Engineers to have their say, because they are directly involved in archaeological concerns as well. We are hopeful that if the Corps approves, the historical office will also agree."

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