Facilities committee prepares for future meetings

Tuesday, April 3, 2001

The Facilities Study Committee continues to move forward with plans to better meet the needs of the students in the Alta school district.

The committee has been touring neighboring districts and plans to have an architect and a financial consultant available during upcoming meetings to answer questions that have been arising.

The Facilities committee has scheduled meetings for April 11, April 25 and May 8. Anyone is welcome to attend the meetings, which has been sparking a lot of interest among community members.

"Our last meeting went really well as we have spent time reviewing the trips that we have made to the Cherokee, Storm Lake and Sioux Central school districts," Superintendent Fred Maharry said. "We are hearing a lot of positive comments."

The Cherokee middle school was one particular building the committee was attracted to. Maharry said the committee liked the welcoming feeling they had when they walked in, the storage space, the small office spaces and the openness.

"Overall it is a very attractive building," Maharry said. "We talked about many of the same things with the other buildings as well."

Following the trips, the committee has spent time discussing the tours and answering questions that they had while visiting. The committee works in groups in order to develop questions they feel should be answered before the group facilitates to move ahead. The goal of the committee is to have all of their questions answered prior to the architect and financial consultant's visits.

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