As Glawe Sees It

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Saving for a non-rainy day

When I buy something, I like to get my money's worth. So if I can find more than one use for at least some of those things, I do.

Take for instance, pine tree deodorizers made to hang in the rearview mirror of a vehicle. MMM - the smell is strong and not only makes me feel like I am driving through a forest of pine trees with my windows down all year round, those things also are strong enough to keep me awake while driving.

But there is another use for these pine tree deodorizers. On those hot days, after walking around sweating for hours, say at the wonderful county fair, when it feels like heaven to sit down in the air conditioning, which also brings out some unpleasant smells, just take that pine tree down and gently rub it under your arms for a fresh smell and you are good to go. Caution - if the pine tree has been hanging in the rearview mirror for too long and has lost a lot of its smell, then this trick may not work as well. In this case, go home and take a shower before you interact with other people.

A broom works wonders for many things - sweeping dirt, light snow and cobwebs; with the bristles removed, the handle can serve as a piece of exercise equipment to help balance the body during twists and turns; and it can serve as an arm extension for short-armed persons like myself trying to reach something too far out of reach.

There is still one more use for a broom, so my husband adds. I can use it as a form of transportation while wearing my black pointed hat. (He just better watch out, our I'll turn him into a toad.)

I love chocolate chip cookies as much as my kids - especially the dough. It never fails - I get bored with the process of baking, waiting and checking the pans, so many times. Even with the timer set to remind that the cookies are done, towards the end, I usually miss the annoying beeping while off in another part of the house and forget them in the oven for a couple of minutes too long. I cannot understand how I can forget that there are cookies baking, after being around the oven a large portion of the day and filling the house with the luscious smell of sugars and chocolate. Just HOW could I forget?

Well, I spent the money for all the ingredients, it seems a waste to throw away the blackened disks that are supposed to be cookies and have now added a new smell to the air.

There are many uses. Coasters for the table (instead of water stains the table may now have grease stains - but what a conversation piece), doorstops, miniature frisbees (watch out, don't hit a window because that overcooked sugar has hardened this baby up good). If you play your cards right, and increase the size of the cookies, the properly baked cookies could be used to feed a child for a week and if those over-sized cookies burn, they can be used as spare tires.

When you have a son with size 15 shoes, those empty shoe boxes, the size of a refrigerator, can be used for many things around the house - beds, dresser drawers and even an extra garage. Great to have those boxes around but there's a problem - those darn big shoes take up half the house and they're not much fun to trip over during the middle of the night, when I'm out wondering around in the dark for a chocolate chip cookie.

Hey, go through your own house, I'll bet you can find a number of items there that can be of use to you in more than one way, too. Let me know.

* Lorri Glawe is a Pilot staffwriter. Reach her at lglawe@stormlakepilot tribune.com