Schulte calls for change in Congress

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

'Give Mr. King a shovel to dig in the dirt'

Saying "we need a change in Congress," Democrat Joyce Schulte of Creston Saturday started her second challenge to Republican incumbent Steve King, kicking off her campaign with an appearance at the Storm Lake High School.

Schulte's announcement appearance was one of several that she made throughout northwest Iowa Saturday.

"Congress has got to get real to discuss life's real problems," she said. Schulte, director of the Student Support Services program at Southwestern Community College in Creston, did not hesitate to tie in her announcement with her current position and the fact that she was announcing at a public school in Storm Lake.

"Education, that's a pet issue for me," Schulte said. "Education has to be just a lifelong process. We have to have a Congress that considers that a priority."

Schulte said the youth of today will be tomorrow's leaders.

"I don't know who is going to make that next invention or drug we have been waiting for," Schulte said. "Education affects government at all levels. Federal, state, local - we have to work together."

Schulte pointed to a two-page list of education programs slated for elimination.

"Current representation in Washington decided to take a huge step backwards in terms of education," Schulte said, "underfunding or eliminating" programs.

"That's not right, in my opinion," Schulte said. "That's not real. We need to get our minds back on track being educated."

Schulte pointed to the fact that PELL grants, which she said covered about 84 percent of an average student's tuition, now cover only 23 percent.

"That's not nice, if we want an educated nation," Schulte said. "That's not real. We still have enough wealth if we use it properly. We can power education all the way through. I want to see that our money is going into programs that really work. I want you onboard. I want you caring. This race is for you."

Schulte quoted former President Harry Truman who said, "Power resides in the person that pulls the lever." She called for a coalition of "disgruntled Republicans" and independents to join Democrats to create a majority voting bloc.

"There's nothing to stop us," Schulte said. "We've got to go to the statehouse. We've got to go to the federal house, to make changes all the way through."

Schulte called for the support of those present.

"Dig in, let's get busy," said Schulte. "Let's give Mr. King a shovel for digging in the dirt. He's pretty good at that."

King, of Kiron, ran a contracting business before he was elected to his first term. He has not yet formally announced a reelection campaign.

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