New Beginning

Thursday, January 5, 2006

The next step on my journey

As I first approached the Pilot Tribune, I will admit that I was nervous about walking in and starting my new internship. What am I going to be doing? Will I be stuck getting coffee for everyone? Do I even know how to make coffee? These questions and more spun through my head as I walked through the door.

As a Buena Vista University (BVU) senior and a Mass Communications major, an internship is required for my major. I have the desire to become a reporter and work for a newspaper full time when I graduate from BVU.

Being a reporter was not always my dream - as a kid I grew up wanting to be the fireman or police officer or other positions that were shown on TV in my childhood. But as I grew up I realized that writing was something that I would like to do. I wrote short stories and poems as I grew up.

I graduated from high school in St. Louis, MO. I was a wrestler in high school and ranked through the years. I started to wrestle in college but in my sophomore year, I left the team for health reasons.

Coaches and friends were worried that I would not do anything after wrestling, so I was pushed into writing the BVU's newspaper, The Tack.

I started really getting into the newspaper writing when I went to the Arts and Entertainment section of The Tack. I was covering everything from movies to video games.

How much better could a job get? I had the perfect reason to buy video games. I became the Arts and Entertainment editor for The Tack going into my junior year of college. I started to learn that life is different when you start to really work for the media like newspapers, TV and radio.

It opened my eyes to see how the media affected people in their everyday lives. A movie review I wrote could change a person's mind on whether to see a film or not. Just being a writer that wrote week to week, I never really saw that. I just thought it was cool having my name in print. It was cool but wired to think that as a reporter and editor I had that type of power.

Realizing this power made me think more about what I was writing and how I was writing. I started to improve more on my writing and trying to approach my stories from different angles. I had fun writing and I decided to become a Mass Communication major and get an internship at a newspaper.

This lead me to standing in front of The Pilot Tribune, tons of questions spinning through my head at once.

I nervously opened the door, and took my next step into becoming a reporter.