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Students share opinions in VFW and Auxiliary essay contest

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Students from schools throughout the county were invited to take part in one of two essay-writing contests sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign War and Ladies Auxiliary. The grand prize winner of the Patriot's Pen contest, designed for middle school-age students, is a $10,000 savings bond. The top winner of the Voice of Democracy contest, designed for high school-age students, will receive a $25,000 scholarship.

The Alta VFW and Ladies Auxiliary Post #6172, received several entries in the contests. The writers were honored at the December meeting.

Who are Today's Patriots?

By Shelby Meyer - 8th grader at Alta Middle School

Received first place in 8th District competition

The Webster's dictionary defines the word "patriot" as one who strongly supports and serves his or her country. So who are today's patriots and why do they do what they do?

We live in a very conflicted world today. Billions of people live in poverty, and war is a reality for everyone. However, there is still hope for freedom and a decent quality of life for all people. The American soldiers are the people responsible for protecting and promoting these ideals. Their loyalty and dedication towards spreading and protecting democracy and freedom gives them the ability to do their job exceedingly well.

I think the greatest and bravest patriots of all time are the soldiers in Iraq. They are fighting for millions of people that they don't even know. They obviously love support and defend it because they are preventing us from getting bombed or being taken over by a murderous/political leader like Saddam Hussein. I think whether or not you agree with the war we should support them, like they are supporting their country.

One of the first things that make the American soldiers so good at their jobs is their belief in America. Soldiers are some of the most patriotic Americans because they believe so strongly in American ideals. I think that becoming a soldier and fighting for your country truly allows you to fully comprehend what your country is all about. American soldiers understand and believe in America and this drives them to do their job and if necessary, die for their country.

Why should we care about the rest of the world? It is because we have a moral duty to not only protect ourselves, but to help protect innocent people around the globe from evil and dictatorship. It is the responsibility of the American soldiers to fight for justice and to keep evil from harming our world. Overall, they are fighting to keep peace, whether it's defending an attack or eliminating a threat.

The American soldiers are dedicated to protecting America and making the world a better place. They believe so strongly in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that they will die fighting for these ideals. This dedication to their country and beliefs allows them to play a key role in making a better future for humanity, and makes them today's PATRIOTS!

Who are Today's Patriots?

By Kimberly Eccher - 8th

grader at Newell-Fonda

Middle School

Received second place in 8th District competition

When people think of a patriot, we often think of a soldier fighting for freedom. However, a person doesn't have to become a soldier. There are a lot of everyday people that are patriots. These include people who go about their daily lives and are never recognized as being patriots.

To me, a patriot is a person who does his or her best to make America the greatest place to live for everyone. So in all reality, there are many patriots in this great country of ours.

One example of an everyday patriot is a voter. We have the right and the obligation to vote for our leaders. We need to fulfill this patriotic duty as American citizens. If we don't vote, how will we be heard? Just one vote could put the best candidate in the lead. As you can see, the voter is a very important and very powerful patriot.

Policemen are also one of today's patriots. We often underestimate them and only remember them by the traffic ticket they gave us. However, to the people who have been saved by them, they're patriots. They often don't get much respect, but they are very important patriots in America.

Firefighters are patriots that really didn't get much appreciation until after Sept. 11, 2001. They risk their lives every time they get called out just to save the life of a stranger. They're America's patriots because they save their communities so bravely everyday.

Last, but not least, are the soldiers. The soldiers who have fought in the past or the present need to be respected for what they have done for this country. The soldiers in Iraq deserve a lot of support. Even if we think that the war is wrong, they still deserve our support. If we fail to give them support, we're letting down patriots that are willing to give their lives so we can have our freedom.

There are many patriots in this great country of ours. They are everyday people doing everyday jobs. Some of them save people, and some fight for our freedom. Others just do their best at whatever they do everyday. All of us have the power to be patriots., It's up to us to let our patriotism make a difference in America.

Patriot's Pen / See page 2B

Who are Today's Patriots?

By Courtney VanHaaften -8th grader at Alta

Middle School

Today's patriots are the people who care for and love our country. There are many patriots in our country, and everyone should work hard to become one.

On Sept. 11, 2001, when the buildings went down, all of the firefighters that helped during this disaster were patriots. They risked their own lives to help many others.

The military works hard everyday to protect our country. They know they have a risk of getting hurt, but they still keep working for our country.

The people who knew they were going to die on Flight 93 put their own lives in danger so the pilots didn't crash the plane into another building that could have killed many, many more people.

The people in government. especially the president, who work hard everyday to protect our country, are patriots. They make laws and make sure everyone has rights of their own.

Every U.S. citizen who works for our country, and treats everyone with respect, is a patriot. People who raise their voices to make things better in our country are patriots.

People like Martin Luther King Jr., who wanted peace in our country, was a patriot. People in the past or present who make a mark on our country by doing something great for our country are patriots.

Teachers are also patriots because they teach everyone what they need to know. Many of the things taught help us get along in life.

I think everyone in this country should work hard for our country and become better patriots and people. It would make our country a better place; everyone should take a stand to do what is right. All of the people I listed work hard for our country everyday. I know I didn't name all of the country's patriots, because there are many, many more. So, always love and honor your country, and you will be a patriot.

Who are Today's Patriots?

By Lindsey Peterson - 8th grader at Alta Middle School

Webster defines a patriot as a person who loves his or her country. You ask who are today's patriots? I would tell you that a patriot is someone who loves and supports his or her country and does its part as a citizen. I couldn't be more proud to have the honor of being called a patriot. I am a patriot.

If you were to ask my best friend who are today's patriots, she would tell you her grandmother. Why? Because of red, white and blue. She displays the colors of the American flag all around her house. She also displays her support for the U.S. soldiers. She is a patriot.

My neighbor lines her trees with yellow ribbons, she has magnets on her car and displays the flag at night. She bought a spotlight so the flag can fly all through the night. She is a patriot.

You know how the song goes: Proud to be American. Well, that's my teachers. They love America. They watch the news, read the paper and listen to the radio. They do this because they want to be informed so they can contribute and make a difference. They care about their country and want to make it the best it can be. They are patriots.

When you are a patriot, you try to make your country a clean wonderful place to live. So, you can volunteer in your community. A woman from my town walks around and picks up garbage off the streets. She is cleaning up the messes of you, many other people and me. She doesn't ask for anything in return. When someone passes away she send him or her one red carnation. She is making our town a better place. She is a patriot.

You may define a patriot however you want. There is about a million different ways to do so, and they all make a difference in your life, my life, and everyone else's lives. Everyone can be a patriot.

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