Let them eat fruitcake

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas is almost near. Are you ready? Is the cash register STILL ringing in your ears as you are trying to fall asleep?

Instead of sugar plum fairies dancing in my head I'm dreaming about being trampled to death by frenzied shoppers rushing to the electronics department in search of a dollar off a $500 computer.

The Christmas season is wild and takes so much away from the real reason we celebrate Christmas. It seems to me, today's Christmas is based on buying the biggest and best gifts for everyone from your children and spouse to the passer-by on the street whom you feel obligated to buy a gift for because he said hello to you.

Spend, spend, spend. Money, money, money.

Our kids, as they grow older, want those higher priced items. I miss the days when Barbie dolls and Match Box cars (99 cents or less) were all they wanted. Now they think that money grows on trees. Hello! The partridges have been busy eating all the fruit from the pear trees and have flown over our money trees and done their duty; there is no money that can be harvested from that mess.

Christmas used to be my very favorite season of the year but this year I'm a scrooge and a Grinch - and I don't like it, darn it. I miss that Christmas-cutout-frosted-cookies sweetness that I seem to be lacking this season. I could just as well go on tour with the Disney on Ice tour (hopefully Snow White and Seven Dwarfs are part of the show) and take over for Grumpy.

These frigid temperatures have already made me cold, being on ice isn't going to matter.

I'm HOPING to get Christmas decorations up before Santa comes knocking at the door - but I'm not guaranteeing that. My kids are beginning to question me - "Where are the presents?"

I don't know what has brought me to this point but you know what, a Rudolph potpie surprise is beginning to sound real good. Ba hum bug - let Santa try to get around in the dark sky without that glowing nose.

I do love to see the excited children enjoying Santa's Castle and after an extensive tour of all the mechanical creatures and the opportunity to visit with Santa himself, I can even manage a smile at their sincere proclamations that they have been good all year and gosh, couldn't he bring all the items on their long, long lists?

I guess maybe I should just sit on Santa's lap myself and share with him my own list of things I want for Christmas - like world peace and to bring back some of that zest I seemed to have lost.

Don't let me get you down - I truly wish all of you happy holidays - and because I'm so ornery, I also wish that you all receive fruitcakes.