CMs down to two

Monday, December 5, 2005

With a projected early spring bid opening date approaching, the Buena Vista County Board of Supervisors Tuesday narrowed down to a field of two the number of possible construction managers the county is considering for the $4.8-million jail project.

One question left hanging is whose contract would have a completion date with a provision for liquidated damages if the project goes beyond that date, according to Auditor Karen Strawn.

Supervisor Bill Lanphere asked what the Board's obligation was to its architect Rod Moore and whatever construction manager it chooses if the project should exceed the $4.8 million authorized by county voters last month. The answer to that question apparently remains unknown.

Moore recommended that the county hire a construction manager to remain on site to supervise construction of the jail project. He said a construction manager could act as the "Board's eyes".

The most favored finalists for construction manager are CPMI of Des Moines and Midwest Construction of Houghton. Supervisor Dick Vail suggested getting proposals from both. While CPMI has already submitted a contract to the county, there was no contract yet submitted as of Tuesday by John Hansen of Midwest Construction.

In a teleconference with the Board, Hansen said he could submit a fixed fee based on a percentage of the overall project estimate. If the project should go above that estimate, Hansen said his fee would not increase. "Our fee is already established at the beginning of the project," Hansen said.

Hansen said he could provide the Board with an estimate of what he could charge for the project by noon Friday.

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