A golden opportunity for lake restoration

Thursday, March 22, 2001

An article appeared on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, entitled "Iowa Lakes Among Most Filthy." According to the article, water samples taken last summer show heavy concentrations of nitrates and phosphorus in Iowa's waters. The samples showed that Iowa's 132 lakes are among the most fertilizer-polluted waters on earth. Water samples will continue to be taken over a five year period to monitor this situation.

Another article appeared on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, entitled "Group Wants Environmental Protection." According to this article, Iowa students held a rally at the Statehouse to curb urban sprawl and clean Iowa waterways. Preserving open space and improving waterways will make Iowa a more attractive place to live and work.

A third article appeared on Saturday, March 10, 2001. This article was entitled "Fears For Storm Lake Over Dredging Up Past." Dredging could be delayed in Storm Lake as well as other Iowa lakes due to concerns that prehistoric treasures would be disturbed. The dredging at Five Island Lake at Emmetsburg has been stopped because significant Indian artifacts were found. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is trying to convince officials of the Army Corps of Engineers and the State Office of Historical Preservation the need for the dredging of natural lakes and convince the State Office of Historical Preservation that there is no reason to stop restoration projects on Storm Lake because the lake has been dredged before and there is a very good chance that any artifacts that may have been present have been disturbed or destroyed.

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