It's fall...Already?

Monday, October 31, 2005

As it just me or is time just flying by? As I grow older, it seems that the months just soar past me.

Fall is once again upon us. It seems that summer should have just started. I love the warm mornings, hot afternoons, long days and kids out playing way past their bedtimes. Being able to take long walks after the meal has settled and dishes have been washed.

With this new season comes the changing of the leaves, the falling of the leaves, the falling of the temps and the falling of the sun way too early in the day. I love going home after work, opening the windows, sitting outside for a bit before I start the evening meal. I like to take my time eating and doing dishes and then after a brief break outside. It seems as though the days now are spent racing home, not that fast to where I deserve a speeding ticket, but going home to make something to eat, eat and clean up before 6 just to get out and and take a walk while I am able to see where I am walking.

Don't get me wrong. I love the vibrant colors, the smell of burning leaves, the sight of kids jumping into a large pile of leaves and having leaf wars. The final lawn mowing of the year is always a plus. It's entertaining watching the squirrels searching for spots in the yard to bury their winter's meals.

What is comforting is the fact that the snakes will disappear as well as the bees. What is not so comforting are those darned Asian Beetles. I realize that they are put on this earth for a reason. I was informed by a very nice first grader that the beetles help the bean fields. Fine and dandy on that but isn't there somewhere else that they can go after the beans are in than my living room ceiling? No matter how much my dear husband seems to spray, the next day there are armies of these spotted little smelly critters lining not only the ceiling but in the windows, running around the furniture, playing dead on the floor just in case the cat ventures into the room. Following the daily swishing them to the floor, vacuuming, changing of the bag, disposing of the bag because the stench is too much to bear and the fear that they just may escape through any small tear in the vacuum bag, I try to relax. As I sit in my comfy chair something drops from the curtains and the cat's ears perk up. Yep that little spotted, smelly, pesky bug was hiding.

Beyond the bugs, longer nights, cooler temps, I really don't mind the fall season. It just is a bit sad knowing that all of the new life that Spring and Summer had bestowed upon us is slowly fading. I do take comfort in the fact that in a few months and with as fast as the months seem to soar past me, the circle will continue. Spring is right around the corner.