'Tis not the season... yet

Monday, October 17, 2005

My whole outlook on the holiday season has recently been squashed. I used to look forward to decorating for the season and purchasing the ever important gifts for everyone that I deem important in my life. I don't begin the task of unpacking the boxes filled with Santas and holiday trim until after Thanksgiving. I truly believe that that is soon enough. It has been a tradition in my home forever!

A couple of weeks ago as I was helping daughter number two move, we ventured into a retail store in Sioux City. Monica spotted a whole array of Coffee Cafe decor and suggested that I establish a theme in my kitchen. What a wonderful idea, but I need to talk to my better half on that idea. Sounded like such a great idea that he agreed. Why would he not, he loves me!

The other day, I had bought the paint color that I had chosen for the backdrop and continually envisioned just what the end project would end up to be. I dreamt of this glorious kitchen filled with this motif that we had discovered. How exciting.

Since daughter number four had come home for the weekend from college, we had decided what a wonderful time to make a trip to not only visit Monica, but since I had saved a few dollars for my decor we would take off and go to Sioux City. Gordman's here I come! My heart beating with excitement. Oh the anticipation of it all.

We stopped and quickly, and I mean quickly, gave Robyn a tour of Monica's new pad and loaded up the vehicles to head out to spend this money that I had held on to, being very careful to have it tucked away, just for this ever so important purchase. We had finally arrived. I was like a kid on Christmas Eve, waiting to open her presents. My palms were sweaty, my heart pounding harder and harder. I walked through the doors, grabbed a cart, knowing that I would definitely fill this puppy up.

I bid farewell to the rest of the happy shoppers and made my way over to the spot where we had just a couple of weeks ago found those treasures that I now was going to buy. Where did they go? They had moved them. That was OK, I was sure that they were close. I searched a bit more, then I began panicking. I couldn't find them. Nothing. After searching for what seemed to be hours I found the rest of the troops. I shared my dilemma with Monica and she reassured me that they were there the other day. She told me to calm down. I drug her to the home decor section where we looked and looked. Walking every aisle in the vicinity where they had at one time been so elegantly displayed. We both ended our searching and just stood there with our mouths wide open and a forlorn look of despair on both of our faces. They were no where to be found.

Tears welled up, my heart sank, I was so sad and disappointed. In the place of my Coffee Cafe decorations were Christmas decorations. Christmas? It is the beginning of October, Fall has just begun. I see no snow, I hear no "Jingle Bells" being sung on the radio. The injustice of it all.

I was and still am a bit depressed. Besides the fact that I couldn't purchase what I had dreamt of for weeks, isles are filled with Christmas things. Who even considers buying Christmas decorations three weeks before Halloween? "Overachievers" was the excuse that I was given.

I was asked if I was still going to paint my kitchen? Yes, but my shelves will remain empty, my walls will hold nothing but paint. I am stubborn that way. I not only am heartbroken because I couldn't find what I had so badly wanted, but because in my opinion we need to space the displaying of the different holiday decor out a bit. For goodness sake at least wait for Halloween. Give a woman a break.