Readers Respond

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Letters to the Pilot

Factory farm fan club


Factory farm fan club member Aaron Putze never tires of trying to criticize Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement members and others working to support family farmers...

In a recent editorial printed statewide, Putze argues that CCI members oppose factory farms because it is "all about the money." Clearly, Putze doesn't live anywhere near a factory farm or he would know why thousands of Iowans are opposed to them. They pollute our air and water, jeopardize public health, lower property values and run family farmers out of business.

In his editorial, Putze attacks family farmers who are trying to earn a living and find a market for their products so they can continue farming. Yet, Putze claims to work for an organization, the so-called "Coalition to Support Iowa's Farmers," that helps farmers.

Which farmers are you interested in helping, Aaron? Just because you have the word farm in your name doesn't mean you really represent farmers.

- Vern Tigges, Carroll