When the going gets buff..

Monday, October 3, 2005

Holy Moly, I had no idea! I was at one time in what I had thought was not bad shape for an old lady. But I recently found out that I was wrong!

Being Circulation Manager I have an obligation from time to time to deliver Advertising Guides. If at any point I was considered somewhat of a buffed babe, I no longer hold that title. Is it the age or just the fact that I have become a bit lazy? I walked a route that I had timed at perhaps an hour, hour and a half. Yeah, well, that didn't happen. Two hours later I was finally finished and my legs were achy, my feet were in need of a deep massage and my poor shoulders felt like I had drug a ton of rocks in those paper bags.

I had noticed a difference in my weight and my energy level a couple of months ago. My energy level decreased as my weight increased. Is it fair to lay all of the blame on my age? That could be one answer. I was at one time a walker. I loved to take a stroll about the town, checking out my surroundings, making a few stops to say hello to family members. Lately though I search for any excuse to forgo the strolling episodes, hence my family is seeing less and less of my smiling face.

I have been trying to dodge the so- called middle-age bulge. But lo and behold it has tracked me down. I previously loved stepping on the scale to see that I had once again achieved what I had deemed my perfect weight. And for the most part it was quite stable. But then that old scale decided to climb higher and higher. Perhaps it is broken and we are in need of a new one? Maybe it is all psychological. My pants are not getting tighter, I don't have this roll over my belt, the dimples in my thighs aren't so obvious and the fullness that I see in my cheeks are all a figment of my imagination?

I do hear quite a bit that I have nothing to worry about as far a bit of a weight gain. I do beg to differ though. There is no more room in the closet for larger clothing (I refuse to throw my smaller sizes away, because I hope to get back in to them). I had previously enjoyed looking as though I were physically fit without really trying and I was very proud that I looked younger than my driver's license says that I am. What happened?

I suppose that I could do a bit of exercising and work at shedding those added pounds. I could actually perform a few sit ups to get those pants to once again fit. Isn't it too bad that we couldn't achieve the results that we long for by just mentally performing such tasks? So much could be accomplished by just wishing it so.

* Trudy Schroeder is the circulation director of the Pilot-Tribune. Reach her at tschroeder@stormlakepilotribune .com