LETTERS TO THE PILOT - Voodoo then, voodoo now for Bush

Tuesday, March 13, 2001

Reads like the writer is down on Clinton, has lock jaw and can't get his mind above the belt. It's like a smoke screen. He can't see and doesn't want anyone else to see President George W. Bush's arm twisting in the halls of Congress trying to return it to the heyday of Reagan COMICS. Where the elite of this country should have all the benefits of this great nation and none of the responsibilities.

President George Bush should be looking into the past at President Reagan's DINOSAUR MENTALITY, whose tax cut caused this great nation to have the largest deficit in its history. President George Bush senior called it voodoo economics. It was voodoo economics then and it's voodoo economics now. President George Bush senior raised taxes, turned this downward trend around and started us on the longest peace time prosperity in the history of this country.

President George Bush senior will go down in history as one of our greater presidents. He served his country well both in war and peace. If President G.W. Bush chooses to follow his father's footsteps, history may speak well of him also. If not, he will be just another failed dinosaur mentality.

Wallace Taylor