Readers Respond

Monday, August 29, 2005

Letter to the Pilot

Hypocritical with HIV story, strip club ads?


In the August 21 Pilot-Tribune, Dana Larsen states that Dwayne Boyd of Milford cruised the party bars, strip joints, etc. around the Lakes area.

Dwayne Boyd is the loser with the dangerous gift to share.

Then in the Advertising Guide of the same week (printed by the Tribune) I find a can't miss ad, for the Zippers "gentlemen's club" at North Milford.

Come on up for some healthy entertainment! Should we encourage them?

You cannot tease us like that, Dana. We are not that strong!

- Joan Stahl, Storm Lake

Gas prices? Give us a (tax) break!


There is something the government can and should do to bring down the price of gasoline. It should cut gasoline taxes, eliminate regulations mandating gasoline blends, and free energy companies to drill at will. These measures would contribute to increase the supply of gasoline and reduce its cost to consumers. Moreover, all of these measures would be consistent with the government's only proper role in the economy: protecting the rights and property of individuals.

- David Holcberg, Irvine, CA