Council discusses fire budget, West Highway and city recreation

Thursday, March 8, 2001

A discussion between rural township fire trustees and members of the Alta fire department topped the city council meeting this week with concern about the proposed fire department budget.

The proposed budget called for $12,000, a figure that the township trustees felt to be high. The budget saw an approximate increase of $9,000.

Alta Fire Chief Gary Molgaard explained the reason for the high budget proposal. Molgaard said he increased the budget this year because the fire department always comes close to spending it.

"The reason we raised it was because we're looking into getting a computer," Molgaard said. "We're also budgeting for new helmets, coats and air packs."

The trustees were concerned about the number of firemen on the squad and the need to equip each one of them.

There are 31 volunteer firemen and Molgaard said it is necessary to equip every one of them.

"We can't just have enough equipment for 10 guys," Molgaard said. "We don't have enough air packs for all of them, but we do have to equip them the best that we can."

Trustee Max Taber discussed whether or not the firemen are certified and wanted to know what kind of training each of them have.

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