Readers Respond

Monday, August 15, 2005

Letters to the Editor

All about oil


What really is the war in Iraq all about?

Is it to give the people Freedom? Is it all about who will own all the oil?

With the price of gas at the pumps going up and up, I would say it's all about oil.

Who is going to get rich and who is not? It's sad our young men have to be killed so the rich can get richer.

As long as we have oil men in office, it won't get any better.

- Jerry Hausen, Storm Lake

Sailing thanks


The Youth of St. John and Grace Lutheran Churches in Storm Lake extend a hearty "Thank You" to the Hy Noon Kiwanis Community Sailors for an enjoyable Monday evening of sailing, food, and fun. Nearly fifty youth, parents, and grandparents partook of the educational and recreational opportunity offered through your Community Sailing program. We wish to acknowledge Commodore Rick Peterson and all of his instructors for a job well done, mixing their time, their talents and their patience with our city's lake and persistent breeze. Said one novice seafarer: "it's just so peaceful and quiet out there, kind of soothing and tranquil." Please, keep up the good work, inviting interested parties to enjoy our city's resources in an educational and relaxing way.

- St. John and Grace Lutheran youth participants