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Tuesday, March 6, 2001

Bus crew finds satisfaction on the road to education...

Who will shape a child's view of school? Teachers, of course. Maybe a principal or a coach comes to mind.

But for many children, their first brush with the educational system arrives with that big yellow bus, as steady as clockwork each morning.

School bus drivers travel the same routes twice every day. They spend time away from their own families taking students and teachers on field trips or to sporting events. They drive when called upon, in any weather, and they keenly feel the pressure of carrying the most precious and fragile of cargoes.

Jack Oatman, one of ten bus drivers for the Storm Lake school district, finds unexpected satisfaction in his role.

"It never entered my mind that I would ever drive a school bus," Oatman said. "For the most part it's fine, but you really do have to watch out for the kids."

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