Readers Respond

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Keep on running

To The Editor:

Thank you for your coverage of the recent ride-run. Organizers Hugh Perry and John Brostad and their excellent crew of volunteers did a wonderful job of managing this event.

I noticed, however, that the Pilot Tribune mentioned, incorrectly, that my partner, Marge Nielsen, was 73 years old. Marge is only 69 and won't reach the milestone of 70 until next month. I had opted for talent and youth when agreeing to team up with her this year.

As a person who is interested in encouraging fitness, I thought it was fantastic that so many youthful participants were successful that day. It would be nice, however, to see more middle aged women involved - I didn't notice many of us in the over-50 crowd at the starting line. Hopefully more women of all ages will register in future years. And for those intimidated about being on the race course too long, you might consider following my race plan. Because I wasn't in the fastest physical condition this year, my strategy was simple - I selected an exceptionally athletic partner to help me out!

- Andriette Wickstrom, Storm Lake