Readers Respond

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Letters to the Pilot

Asking for understanding in Alta property cleanup case

To The Editor:

Since you won't speak to me on the phone, I'll try an open letter to you, Alta City Council Members:

Since the mayor publicly announced he "was no longer talking to the Grienke's" and no member of the Council contradicted the statement, I presume it can be partnered with the not listening to the Grienke's as well. A condition exhibited from day one, if a continuance of ignoring facts put forth by me, and my family is any indication. Perhaps the written word can be interpreted as less hostile and so be given more credence.

Our frustration and anger has stemmed from:

1. The Council's prolonged non-recognition of the progress that has been made. It isn't as if the order is being, or has been ignored.

I admit after receiving the notification in late fall, we didn't comply with the order until the following spring when we took on the expense of having a sizable building constructed. From that point on, sorting and clearing has taken place whenever my family is able to help.

For the reason of not having insurance coverage for accidents occurring on my property, only items only we can sort through, we've declined the offers of help from many friends which wouldn't pushed the project along faster. How much more constructive, and conducive to friendly relationships, if you the Council, would've sat across the table from us in order to make a time-line that was suited to our health conditions and amount of work the cleanup would involve. Instead you have barricaded yourself behind a lawyer and the post office.

2. Another concern is the feeling that we're being singled out as an example for the other property owners whom have received notifications. How many have complied? Maybe I'm as blind to their efforts as you are to ours? All I'm asking is the same consideration as you are extending to the rest of the town. I live here by choice and I like the community. It isn't as if we are town derelicts standing on a corner spitting in the new flower containers. We are law abiding citizens.

3. The inconsistencies between statements and actualities, then when called on them,t here has been pencil throwing, facial disgust and gum chewing attitudes displayed. Lift your heads once in a while to look at a person instead of the table top.

Yes, there was a need for us to take care of the accumulation. Yes, not parking cars on the lawn makes the town look better. Yes, a no-burning ban is logical. What is not logical is instances of acting like storm troopers to enforce the codes.

Respectfully submitted,

Blondina Grienke