My Thoughts

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

If she's not there yet, she will be there soon

Everyone is always in a hurry these days. Why is that?

Well, in my case, I'm always late.

I never use to have to rush around. In my younger days, I was always on time, and often early.

I made it on time to all the important events in my my life - my high school and college graduations, my wedding, the birth of our four children. But all those things, combined - growing up, becoming a wife and having a family - have gotten me where I am today - happy but always rushing.

Admit it ladies, there are always more things to get done once there are kids.

One thing (out of many) that drives my husband crazy about my rushing around is that once we finally do get packed into the van - already late, of course - I have to get out to get just one more thing I forgot. I do much of the driving, thank goodness, or he would probably drive away without me.

I have even tried setting my clocks and watch ahead 15 minutes but when the shrill alarm goes off in the mornings, I know that I have a few more minutes to sleep because the time isn't right. (A lot of good that logic does!)

When my kids were in preschool, and I was responsible for getting them there, I often got them there late. My second daughter picked up on that fact. When we pulled up and she noticed only two cars - belonging to the teachers - she knew her friends had already been dropped off. "We're late again, mom," my little 4-year-old would say.

And church, it is quite unusual for us to make it there before Pastor Jack begins talking. I recall that last spring he reminded us all the week before daylight savings time went into effect to get our clocks set so we would be on time for church. He looked directly at me and gave me that sermon look. Did it do any good? I doubt it.

And when fall comes around, and we get that extra hour, does that help me get to church on time? No, again.

It's ok. People have told us, "At least you make it for part of the service."

My oldest son is about to start driver's training and classes begin early in the mornings. He and others in his class have been warned to not be tardy for class or else. Since we live in the country, I need to get him to town for class. He has warned me to get him there on time. (It will be easier, I guess, when he can drive and not rely on me getting him somewhere late.)

What a wonderful thing to be remembered for by my kids.

I am convinced they will have this engraved on my head stone when I leave this world. "She was always late. We hope she got where she was supposed to be going. If she's not there yet, she will be there soon."

With all this time I have spent writing this column, guess what? I am late again.

* Lorri Glawe is a news reporter and school news editor for the Storm Lake Pilot-Tribune.