Letter from the Editor

Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Smashing Success

It was a new one on me. I've been in on many celebrations for fine new buildings, the best being the blast for the BVU Science Center. I've never seen a party for knocking one down.

And yet it seems fitting. After a couple years of exciting planning, demolition of the vacant Harbor House is in fact the first tangible action in making Project Awaysis come true in Storm Lake. Why not toast it, as Awaysis supporters did Monday?

Perhaps there are a few memories from that building's days as a fine eatery or a church that will need to move aside. And there will be our share of growing pains and inconveniences in the seasons of construction ahead.

If we can take it all with the upbeat attitude and the good humor of the crowd that gathered to take "first whack" at the old Harbor House, it will pass smoothly, dominated by the expectations for quality of life, growth and economic self-determination that Awaysis represents to the community.

It seems unusual to take a ceremonial swing at a vacant building, but heck, it's an unusual project we are launching on. What we are really swinging for is our community's best hopes and wishes for its own future, and that is worth celebrating.