Kruse and Hannah receive music awards

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Iowa Music Education has announced the winners of the "Outstanding Administrator(s) For Support of Music Education Award" for the 2004-05 school year. This year the award is given to Mike Hanna, Storm Lake High School Principal, and Dr. Bill Kruse, Superintendent of the Storm Lake Community Schools.

The high school music department is proud to have these two administrators recognized for their steadfast support of music education in the high school.

Kendra Leisinger of the Iowa Music Education Association said, "Mr. Hanna and Dr. Kruse were selected for the 2004-05 award because of the their outstanding support and encouragement of quality music education for their students." Under the administrator's direction, the music department has had the kind of foundation that is needed to build an outstanding music program.

High school music instructors Frank Hoskins, Jeff Tollefson, Carol Peterson and Lee Thorson join the community in applauding these two administrators for their hard work in furnishing students in the SL Community Schools the opportunity for excellence in music.

"I'm very proud of our music program," said Dr. Kruse. "The number of kids participating is tremendous. The amount of recognition they have received is outstanding. I'm proud to be the superintendent of a school that has received that recognition.

"The music staff is another reason the program is in the position it is in. It is the dedication of all of them that has made them a success. The administrators can provide the opportunities for the kids to grow in fine arts and give them resources, time and personnel. I'm proud of the commitment in Storm Lake."

Hanna commented, "I am honored our music people nominated us for this award. We have had a great working relationship with them all over the past number of years. I have great respect for the instructors. They work very hard and devote a lot of time to the kids so that they can perform to the best of their abilities.

"Things have paid off for the students. They have a good reputation in the community for the quality of music they put out. It is a pleasure to support them and work with them all on a daily basis."

The two administrators will be recognized at the high school spring concert April 29 to be held in the gym beginning at 7:30 p.m.

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