LETTER TO THE EDITOR - Life after 50

Wednesday, February 21, 2001

After the youthful fascination we have with the world and with oneself, we begin to place less value on worldly success and conquests and begin estimating the worth of a person in terms of character, integrity, wisdom, justice, kindness, courage and love.

More often than not, it takes 50 years or longer to put a life together so that it has meaning and unity. Those in their late fifties and early sixties begin to feel that finally the separate trends of life values, beliefs, attitudes, goals and skills are blending together.

Older people do slow down, but that can lead to a deeper understanding of contentment. Retirement can afford the opportunity to get rid of unwanted roles and accept new adventures in life.

Friendships increase as one's understanding of relationships increases. Those who have found a project, cause or institution which they can support with their resources, wisdom and energy begin to experience more personal satisfaction.

The majority of people over 55 and past find that they can let go of past hurt, failures, heartaches, disappointments and bad habits. As one learns to put past mistakes and problems in the past and look to a bright, peaceful rewarding future, one realizes that life at this time can be good. For more people, this happens during the later years, the better half of life.

Make your senior years your best ever.

Connie Hurst

Northwest Aging Assoc.