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SLHS music students receive awards at state solo/ensemble fest

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

On Saturday, April 2, Storm Lake High School Music Department students traveled to Spencer High School to participate in the Iowa High School Music Association's State Solo/Small Ensemble Festival. Students were rated by an adjudicator in each of nine performance centers on their prepared literature. The rating system includes divisional ratings from I to V with a Division I being a Superior rating. All ratings are given based on the quality of the performance with no comparisons made on other individuals or performances.

All the students involved gained a great deal from the preparation and the experience of performing. All three directors were very proud of the manner that they represented the Storm Lake Music Department. The directors and the students were also very appreciative of the fine accompanists that aided our musical endeavor. Those ambitious individuals that were willing to give of their time and talents were: Barb Wells, Deanna Larson, Judy Fells, and student accompanists Geoff Ullerich and Michael Schulz.

The students represented themselves well in a tough contest. The judges were very stingy with the high ratings and only gave minimal Division I assessments. Division III ratings were given out frequently.

The Music Department as a whole earned 35 Division I's, 23 Division II's, and 2 Division III's. The breakdown per department was:

Band - 23 Division I, 13 Division II

Vocal - 7 Division I, 5 Division II, 1 Division III

Orchestra - 5 Division I, 5 Division II, 1 Division III

Also two groups earned "Best of Center" awards for the day. This means that these two groups gave an outstanding performance and were chosen by each judge as the best entry heard during the entire day of adjudication in their center. The vocal solo performed by Emma Fikkert earned this prestigious award as well as the String Trio comprised of Maya Peterson, Erin Anderson, and Tessa Winterton.

The quality and quantity of practice will always provide quality results and many students found this to be the deciding factor in their performances on Saturday. Musical expertise and skill levels are a result of growth over a full year of music education. Some may rise to the occasion or start to "bloom" during the intensive preparation period, but overall the reflection is there. They all did their best on Saturday and they are to be commended for their fine efforts.

Division I Band Solos

Kyla Anderson, oboe; Angie Schmidt, Nick Crippin, Clare Cullen, Bb clarinet: Matt Bowman, Rachel Pickhinke, Geoff Ullerich, alto sax; Ali Brashears, trumpet: Patrick Kelly, Tyler Reinert, euphonium: Matt Hoskins, marimba: Ben Wells, Matt Hoskins, Nels Fymbo timpani, and Ben Wells, multi-percussion solo

Division II Band Solos

Adrian Dimas, Marjie Halverson, Bb clarinet; Abby Diehl, tenor sax; Jacob Lyon, French horn: Phil Becker, Ben Tjaden, Michael Schulz, trumpet; Darren Johnson, tuba

Division I Band Ensembles

Woodwind Duet (L): Abby Diehl and Kyla Anderson

Woodwind Duet (L): Nick Crippin and Adrian Dimas

Woodwind Duet (L): Clare Cullen and Marjie Halverson

Clarinet Trio: Adrian Dimas, Marjie Halverson, Clare Cullen

Sax Trio: Matt Bowman, Rachel Pickhinke, Geoff Ullerich

Sax Trio: Lindsay Hoeppner, Abby Diehl, Kyla Anderson

Percussion Quartet: Ben Wells, Matt Hoskins, Brad Hohneke, Jeremy Boese

Clarinet Quintet: Angie Schmidt, Adrian Dimas, Clare Cullen, Marjie Halverson, Nick Crippin

Sax Sextet: Lindsay Hoeppner, Matt Bowman, Geoff Ullerich, Abby Diehl, Kyla Anderson, Jeff Mason

Clarinet Choir: Clare Cullen, Angie Schmidt, Alison Douglas, Adrian Dimas, Kim Thayer, Marjie Halverson, Ashley Solem, Annette Frank, Nick Crippin, Leah Staton, Abby White, Kayla Evers

Percussion Choir: Ben Wells, Matt Hoskins, Heather Bengtson, Tyler Overmohle, Nels Fymbo, Jason Hustedt, Brad Hohneke, Jeremy Boese, Collin Schultz

Division II Band Ensembles

Brass Duet (L): Patrick Kelly and Tyler Reinert

Flute Quartet: Camie Brunning, Amy Kessler, Bridget Cullen, Morgan Darrow

Brass Sextet: Michael Schulz, Erick Stephas, Jacob Lyon, Jordan Carlson, Tyler Reinert, Darren Johnson

Woodwind Choir: Camie Brunning, Amy Kessler, Bridget Cullen, Morgan Darrow, Kyla Anderson, Lisa Burnside, Angie Schmidt, Clare Cullen, Adrian Dimas, Alison Douglas, Marjie Halverson, Ashley Solem, Kim Thayer, Annette Frank, Nick Crippin, Leah Staton, Abby White, Kayla Evers, Rachel Pickhinke, Morgan Rauch, Abby Diehl, Jeff Mason

Brass Choir: Tim Frank, Sally Stark, Jacob Lyon, Zack Kelly, Alli Brashears, Ali Kofmehl, Phil Becker, James Lenhart, Michael Schulz, Erick Stephas, Chris Reis, Alex Crippin, Nate Tucker, Wesley Paulson, Patrick Kelly, Tyler Reinert, Darren Johnson

Division I Orchestra Solo: Maya Peterson, cello

Division II Orchestra Solos: Michael Schulz, violin, Darren Johnson, string bass

Division I Orchestra Ensemble

String Ensemble: Erin Anderson, Maya Peterson, Tessa Winterton

String Duet (UL): Maya Peterson and Tessa Winterton

String Duet (L): Maya Peterson and Allison Moore

String Duet (L): Catherine Richey and Erin Anderson

Division II Orchestra Ensemble

String Duet (L) : Joe Cullen and Michael Schulz

String Ensemble (UL): Michael Schulz and Darren Johnson

Chamber Orchestra: Erin Anderson, Joe Cullen, Catherine Richey, Eric Sievers, Jacob Laurson, Amanda Proczak, Amber Woodford, Lynne Bennigsdorf, Kelly Smith, Allison Moore

Division III Orchestra Ensemble

String Duet : Kyla Anderson and Alex Crippin

Division I Vocal Solos - Emma Fikkert, Jennifer Yanez, Kayla Christ, Nick Crippin, Jacob Lyon, Andy Storm, Collin Schultz

Division II Vocal Solos: Ashley Wolf, Kayla Shadlow, Morgan Rauch, Patrick Kelly, Juvenal Soria. Division III Vocal Solos: Veronica Soria

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