Aurelia, Cherokee positive on shared-superintendent idea

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Cherokee's call now

The Aurelia and Cherokee School Boards are continuing discussion on the possibility of sharing a superintendent.

Cherokee is losing their superintendent, Marlin Lode, due to retirement. The Aurelia School Board is willing to "share" their superintendent, Tom Vint, in hopes of saving some money for both of the neighboring districts.

The Aurelia board contacted the Cherokee board and offered the proposition. The two boards met jointly last Wednesday.

"They're interested," Superintendent Vint said. "They see the cost savings, too. Their concern is their size." Enrollment is over the 1,000 mark and the Cherokee board may see the need for a full-time administrator rather than a part-time one.

Vint added that there are nine shared administrators in the state for districts of 1,000 or more students. Cherokee and Aurelia numbers total about 1,400.

"So it has worked but it adds more responsibility to the other administrators in the districts."

"It was a good, positive meeting," Vint said, "and they (Cherokee) want to take a look at the situation. Districts need to take a look at ways to cut costs and I applaud our board for trying to save the taxpayers some money. And I applaud the Cherokee board for considering it, too."

The Cherokee district has been seeking applicants for the superintendent position. The deadline was Friday.

The Aurelia Board will await word from the Cherokee board which will either end discussion or pursue the sharing plan.

No future meetings have been set.

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