SL florists petal off the pounds

Monday, February 21, 2005

The heat is on and the pounds are shedding off. Five friendly florists are working hard to pare off the pounds and get in shape. The 'Get Fit Team' from Joyce's Greenery is comprised of Tammy Hoffman, Kelly Wollesen-Steffen, Joy Hott, Brenda Colee, and Kathy Goodman. This blooming bunch of women decided to plant new seeds and be a part of the 12-week shape-up program.

Get Fit, Siouxland is a program that has the goal of helping viewers lose pounds and develop muscle tone through a healthy regimen of good nutrition and exercise. Get Fit, Siouxland is not about dropping weight rapidly, but promoting a healthy lifestyle. In fact, participants are encouraged to lose no more than two pounds a week to promote long term weight loss.

Tammy Hoffman, Team Leader, is a married mother of two whose goal is to lose weight for her children. "I want to be able to get on the floor and play with my children and be able to get back up. I want to be active with them."

Kelly Wollesen-Steffen, has signed up for a membership at Curves and is working on portion control and reducing carb intake. Her motivation, to look and feel better. "I don't have anyone else motivating me, I have to do it for myself."

Joy Hott is a senior psychology and spanish major at Buena Vista University. The bride-to-be is motivated to shed a few pounds in order to walk down the aisle in a slim and trim wedding dress. Cutting down on carb intake and portion control as well as attending Curves are ways in which Hott is trying to lose weight.

Brenda Colee has implemented a strict walking regimen as well as not allowing herself to eat after 6 p.m. Drinking water and eating salads are also diet changes. Colee has a personal goal, "I want to fit back into a certain size of jeans."

Kathy Goodman is ready to feel good again. Goodman has started lifting weights to help strengthen up, as she has two new knees.

Althoug each person has an individualized plan, the group is working hard to encourage each other and be a support system. In fact, a 'cheat jar' has been placed at the flower shop in which a quarter is to be placed each time a person 'cheats' on their plan.

The florists are part of a weekly update on KTIV Channel 4 Wednesday's at 10 p.m. The final weigh in and measurement session will be April 29.

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