Melander's first in Iowa, ninth in nation in total Toshiba product sales

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Melander's TV-Appliance-Furniture with stores in Storm Lake, Cherokee, and Milford has been recognized at the largest Toshiba dealer in Iowa and the nation's ninth-largest among 800 independent Toshiba dealers nationwide.

Owner Brad Pittenger credited the move from Alta to Storm Lake with helping to expand overall sales, in addition to Toshiba products.

"It was a good move for us to come to Storm Lake," Pittenger said. "Toshiba is the only brand of electronics still made in the United States."

Pittenger said other top-10 Toshiba dealers were from Chicago, Dallas, and St. Louis area and other metropolitan areas. Toshiba also manufactures home theater systems in addition to a variety of plasma, LCD, and DLP televisions. Pittenger said televisions range all the way from nine-inch to 62-inch.

Pittinger said Melander's began handling Toshiba products two years ago, and he has been pleased every since.

"It's great service-wise, and there are very few problems."

Probably the best Toshiba testimonial comes from Pittenger himself. "It's the only thing I have in my house."

Pittenger said he "was actually shocked" upon hearing that Melander's had received the recognition, considering that most of the top 10 independent dealers were in larger metropolitan areas.

Melander's, which was formerly in Alta and Milford, relocated its Alta store to Storm Lake about a year ago. At about the same time the store expanded to a new store in Cherokee. Pittenger still has the Milford Melander's store.