Readers Respond

Monday, January 24, 2005

Letter to the Pilot

A vote for Awaysis is a vote for the future of Storm Lake

To the editor:

A vote for the February 8th bond issue is a vote for the positive future of Storm Lake. Communities either move forward and grow or they wither and die. What are the Project Awaysis benefits to our community's citizens? Let me name a few.

First, replacement of an old pool with a new, modern water park. Second, an upgraded golf course. Third, a decent beach on the lake. Fourth, an upgraded campground. Fifth, an upgraded marina. Sixth, a new playground. These all represent improvements in or replacements of facilities that exist presently within our city. These are all items that will improve the quality of life for our citizens and visitors. Without this bond issue, it is not possible for city government to make these improvements.

What will be the results? Economic growth for our community, more businesses, more jobs, more opportunities. Improved tax base and revenues (sales tax, SILO, hotel/motel tax) that will allow the community and school systems to provide those services that our citizens expect. An improved community image.

I ask each of the Storm Lake city residents to join me in voting YES on February 8th.

- Jon Kruse, mayor of Storm Lake

Seizing Awaysis opportunity

To the editor:

Op-por-tu-ni-ty n., 1. A favorable or promising combination of circumstances.

We as a community have created our own opportunity. We have taken an idea, worked that into a theory, turned that into a plan and are now a heartbeat away from having a real economic system. Never before has this town had such an organized and focused plan. Never have we had so much positive attention from the outside World. Never before has any organization or government granted us $8 million dollars. Never before has Storm Lake had so many promising combinations or circumstances - opportunities. It is up to each resident to decide whether of not to seize this opportunity. On February 8th, a yes vote is you seizing an opportunity - a no vote is you turning your back on one - maybe the last one we as a community will ever create or get.

- Dan Sokolowski, Storm Lake