Readers Respond

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Letter to the Pilot

Leaders & dreamers

To the editor:

The leaders and dreamers in Storm Lake have been working hard for many months to come up with a vision for Storm Lake. We need dreamers, but we must consider what we need and can afford. We have a great dredging project well underway, and we have a walking path from the east side along the north to the west side of the lake. We are considering an interpretive center, which I think would be great. We need a new swimming pool and a community center.

But do we need a fountain in the lake? Do we need another lighthouse? Do we need a 70-room stone lodge? Do we need to move the log cabin and the schoolhouse again? Do we need to move in another depot?

Don't forget that most of this uses tax money, some of which we have already paid in federal, state and local option sales taxes.

Soon there will be a bond issue for a new jail, which I think we need, in order to deal with space issues and the safety of the officers and the public. In a few years, the school will be requesting money for a much needed grade school building.

I think it is time for the voters to start saying NO! to the frivolous things like Awaysis.

- Lowell Fields,

Storm Lake