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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Grandma is getting married!

Remember when you were young and your Grandparents seemed so old? The gray hair, the canes in hand and the teeth that they removed just to scare you as they chased you through the halls trying to grab you to give you a toothless smooch on the cheek? You swore that you would never make it to be as old as Grandma! You thought that when there was no Grandpa living with Grandma that she would be too old to find a man, let alone get remarried!

Well, here I am a Grandmother of two, a few gray hairs, underneath a bit of boxed color, not quite carrying a cane, but at times could sure use one, have almost all of my teeth and I did find a man and I am getting married!

Dating was a bit of challenge. It is hard enough in the dating world to disclose that you have children. How about a grandchild? Who in their right mind would want to take a grandmother out on a date? A little old lady stumbling through the gumming of her steak, squinting to try to make out if she is pouring steak sauce or someone's bottle of beer over her meal. Talking over the "Good old days" when you walked to school up hill both ways, when the price of penny candy was a penny, a bottle of pop was a dime and you could put a buck in the gas tank and drive all week. I do remember all of this!

I am very lucky to have found a wonderful man, Craig Schroeder of Alta, who accepts me for who I am and what I am. He shares in the joy of grand-parenthood and together we will celebrate getting older!

Preparing for a wedding at this age is almost a chore. We chose what we thought would be fun and easy, "Viva Las Vegas Baby" as our wedding backdrop. We decided to forego the official church ceremony basically because we have been through that and because I was afraid of embarrassing myself. I have a way of doing that in such an innocent way though.

Being the precautionary people that we are, which by the way, does come with age, we ordered our plane tickets and rings months in advance. The clothing has been purchased. We went with age appropriate clothing, the classic khaki pants and a sweater for the groom and black pants and a jacket for the bride. Nothing bling-bling to draw attention to the fact that a couple of elderly Iowans are getting hitched.

Just a simple yet elegant ceremony. I am looking forward to finding that perfect chapel. I hear Elvis is alive and doing ceremonies. I hear that aliens offer to perform the rituals also. What to do? I sure hope that the aisles are wide enough for the walker and short enough to where I can get there without my Depends. This age thing racks havoc on the ole' bladder.

Whichever way we do go, whichever path we choose, it will be romantic and the best time of our lives - so far!

* Trudy Kruse is the Pilot-Tribune's circulation director.