Readers Respond

Monday, December 20, 2004

Letters to the Pilot

Coolest little city on earth

To the editor:

Wow! Storm Lake is evolving into one of the coolest little cities on earth. Project Awaysis is a fantastic win-win-win plan. Everybody wins! There are no losers! It's time for all of us to be positive, think positive, and do positive things to bring folks from all over the world to visit our beautiful community of opportunity.

- Randy Harrington, Storm Lake

Schools should 'do a body good'

To the editor:

Amid rising rates of childhood obesity and related ailments, it's wonderful that schools nationwide are offering students healthier options, including fresh fruits and vegetables... Study after study shows that healthier students mean higher academic performance rates. That's why it's disconcerting that flavored milk is being touted as the "healthy" replacement to soda in many school vending machines.

Despite the hype from the dairy industry, milk products are laden with artery-clogging cholesterol and saturated fat while being low in iron and completely void of fiber and complex carbohydrates. Moreover, the flavored milk products being sold today in schools actually contain more sugar and calories than the sweetened soft drinks they are replacing.

School administrators who take the health of their students seriously should dump the diary in favor of soy milk, which is naturally cholesterol-free.

- Dr. Michael Greger, via e-mail