Readers Respond

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Letters to the Pilot

Young voices and abortion

To the editor:

It was most refreshing to read the young voice submission "Why Democrats lost" by Mike Dupree, student journalist at BVU. Mr. Dupree's musings were particularly welcomed in stark contrast to those that are submitted by Danielle Hay, also a student journalist at BVU.

I find many ideas that Ms. Hay expresses to be right in line with the looney left fringes of one of our two major political parties. I refer specifically to her "Pro choice isn't the same as baby killer", submission [Pilot-Tribune] 11-2-04. I found a portion of paragraph four to be particularly ludicrous. I quote, "Basically, pro choice boils down to learning about the rights of women and families and the quality of any child's life. If this isn't "pro-life", I don't know what is."

Ms. Hay throughout her article extremely effectively utilizes the key buzzwords and phrases that the previously mentioned political party espouses in their pro-choice stance. I am really curious about the expressed concern for... "the quality of any child's life...," that Ms. Hay mentions in paragraph four, when that child was denied a chance of life at all, due to the abortionist.

- Donald Litwiller, Rockwell City