Readers Respond

Monday, November 29, 2004

Letters to the Pilot

What ever happened to 'clean competition?'

To the editor:

It is difficult to work up sympathy for the NBA players who went into the stands to attack fans in the recent Pistons-Pacers game in Detroit. While I make no excuses for the rowdy fans' behavior (they deserve to by punished by the courts and have their season tickets taken from them), the players clearly stepped over the line. To be sure, a fight between a professional athlete and a drunken fan is a mismatch. Grossly overpaid players should be able to refrain from such behavior, regardless of the provocation. As role models, what they did sent an awful message to youngsters. In the end, the only winners will be the lawyers.

I remember years ago that basketball officials would call technical fouls against the crowd. I don't remember what level this was (high school, college, or pro), but it helped restore order. This might help restore some sense of sportsmanship to the game. The officials should also have the power to eject fans (whole sections of them, if necessary). Baseball and softball umpires have this power and it works to control the worst of the fan behavior.

It's not surprising that such behavior exits when you add booze to competition. The concept of clean competition is more of a ideal than a reality. Our recent political campaigns weren't very clean, either.

- Robert L. Wilson, Storm Lake

Boosting the SLHS Boosters

To the editor:

With the conclusion of a very successful Tornado fall sports season, the Tornado Booster Club would like to thank several groups and community members for their contributions to the club's efforts.

The Booster Club hosted tailgates before the home football games. Sara Lee Foods generously donated the turkey filets served for a couple of the tailgates. HyVee and FritoLay helped with the buns and chips. The Bauers donated their famous Grillers' Choice barbecue sauce. Waitt Radio did a great job promoting the tailgates beforehand and also doing live remotes from the tailgates each night. The teams from Tyson and Northwest Federal Savings and Loan took over for Homecoming. The Storm Lake Fresh Meats plant donated boneless pork loins sending along their Grill Team to do the cooking. NW Federal provided the chips and drink and the staff to serve the meal.

Jerry Smith from Smith Concrete donated both the concrete and the labor to pour a pad for an athletic storage shed as well as the foundation for the new football goal posts. What an improvement that makes to the stadium! A $1,000 grant from Wal-Mart was also received this fall.

Besides these donations the annual membership drive has had a very successful year with more business and individual memberships than previous years.

It is because of the contributions of those listed that the Tornado Booster Club is able to continue to give the athletic department and the student athletes that participate in the numerous programs offered at Storm Lake High School.

And finally we would like to thank the fans that supported the tailgate, bought booster club merchandise, became a member of the Booster Club and came to support the student athletes involved in the fall sports. We hope you enjoyed the competition and will continue to come to the events to cheer on the Tornadoes. Together we make good things happen.

- Tornado Booster Club

Pat Fisher, President