Deer Classic features 32 top whitetail 'freaks'

Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Some of the most interesting, bizarre and freakish whitetails of all time will make their debut appearance in Iowa at the third annual Deer Classic, Feb. 16-18, at the Polk County Convention Complex in Des Moines.

When it comes to interesting whitetails, there are two kinds that turn hunters on - Monsters and Freaks. While legendary whitetails typically tour North America with some of the largest, most famous trophy bucks in the world - this year they are bringing their freaks to the classic - 32 of them to be exact in a 100 foot long display, featuring some of the most unique, interesting, twisted and bizarre racks ever seen.

All the legendary whitetails are the real thing - no replicas. The famous hole-in-the-horn buck anchors the display. Its 328 2/8 Boone and Crockett points ranks it the number two non-typical of all time. Sammy Walker's "Louisiana Freak" is the most bizarre deer ever. Harvested in a backwater bayou, this deer never shed its antlers. Year after year of antler growth built up to create an unscorable monstrosity.

Stories of monster bucks locked in a battle to the death have drifted through hunting camps for years and proof of such a battle will be on display.

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