Celebrate Diversity

Tuesday, January 30, 2001

While students at Storm Lake High School deliver their own message of inclusiveness, it is also a theme shared by one of the speakers at the upcoming Diversity Day.

"The Civil Rights era gave us laws, but it didn't really show us how to live together - we still have to figure that one out," said Frank Tribble of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. He said Americans will move towards inclusiveness as they learn to appreciate diversity.

As a training officer with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, Tribble conducts training workshops throughout the state. He has been with the commission since 1988 and has appeared at two previous Diversity Days.

The Iowa Civil Rights Commission is the state's anti-discriminatory agency. It was established in 1965 following the Civil Rights Act.

"We are an enforcement agency and people who feel that they have been discriminated against can file a complaint with us," he said, not only based on race and skin color, but also religious beliefs, mental or physical disabilities, age, sex or family status.

While enforcement is a major component of the Civil Rights Commission, Tribble said there's another part even more important - education.

"The Iowa Civil Rights Commission educates people to make them aware of their rights and responsibilities under the law," he said.

The commission provides a variety of training including employment law training and education into different aspects of civil rights laws, as well as diversity training. Tribble plans to discuss the idea of appreciating diversity when he appears at the high school on Feb. 15.

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