LETTER TO THE EDITOR - Let us have a little fun in life

Tuesday, January 30, 2001

My son-in-law (bless his young energetic heart) evidently grew tired of watching me wither away in my leather Lazy Boy and double/triple dared me to join him on the Little Sioux River Poker Run that your article mentioned. As I don't own a snowmobile, he even offered to provide me with a "sled," helmet and a snazzy lime green and black go-fast (gotta look good) coat. Bear in mind I haven't been on one of these guided missiles for over 20 years. Did I mention it was 130 miles round trip?

As I white knuckled the machine up to seemingly around 145 mph I did manage to look down at a speedometer that read 35 mph, just as several middle aged ladies passed me, they politely waved as they sprayed me with wet snow. I could have caught them if I had to, maybe. At any rate, the ride was a HOOT, met great people and saw a part of Iowa most people haven't.

Then I read a [contributing columnist] in the same issue of your paper.

According to some birdwatchers, some of us lowly taxpayers that snowmobile the river may have ruffled the feathers of an eagle that may or may not live in the area.

A couple of weeks ago I read [a letter to the editor] in the PT that a crow has "basic" rights.

Statements like that make me draw a mental image of the Silicon Valley folks I have read about.

Doesn't really matter that crows leave several inches of their "rights" on sidewalks, cars and slow-moving pedestrians.

A rooster pheasant, beautiful bird, doesn't harm anyone and they have been legally hunted for years in Iowa. I assume they have "rights" also?

Now someone, for some reason, who wants to shoot small birds, wants to open a dove season in Iowa.

Let's get some common sense going here. Open a crow season and everyone would be happy. The bird shooters would think they died and went to heaven and maybe the town folk could park their cars under their own tree.

Face it folks, cars are going to hit hundreds of protected deer per year, boats are going to hit gamefish and a gazillion bugs are going to get killed by your windshield.

Some people want us all to take a nature walk, they just don't want us to step on any grass, weeds, rocks, sand, dirt or water.

I won't even tell you how many mousetraps are sold per year.

One more point, I am NOT a member of the Blizzard Busters or any other snowmobile club. I just grow a little weary of special interest groups that jump on the trendy environmental bandwagon.

Let the above-mentioned group of good people have a little fun too.

Mike Dick

Storm Lake